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Homebuyer Education

The Dalton-Whitfield Community Development Corporation is all about Homebuyer Education. We want you to have all the information you need to make your dream of Homeownership a reality! Come in to create your work plan and get busy making your Homeownership dream come true! You may qualify for down payment assistance !! Some of the topics discussed are: 

  •  Down payment, closing costs, and other assistance programs (Home Buyer Seminar attendance required to be eligible)

  • Monthly spending plans

  •  Debt management

  •  Credit card spending

  •  Types of mortgages

  •  How much home you can afford

 Attend one of our seminars and hear from mortgage lenders, real estate professionals, homeowner’s insurance representatives, building inspectors, and other professionals you will meet in the home buying process.

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

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Down payment Assistance

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Emergency Housing Repair - Procedures

Step 1 - The DWCDC will maintain the list of potential projects.  If your non-profit or faith-based organization knows of an owner-occupied house in disrepair, please give your contact information. 

Step 2 - The DWCDC will provide both City and County Building Inspection with the initial information and respective departments will rate the level of repair need.

Step 3 – A rehab specialist will provide project administration and City Building Inspection will provide a list of materials and estimated costs.

Step 4 - County projects will be given to the Homebuilders Association for a similar list.

Step 5 - Organizations will choose projects once the Repair Materials list is complete.

Step 6 - The DWCDC will notify all organizations of all companies awarded a bid for the various types of building materials and the business contact person.

Step 7 - Once a house has been adopted by the faith-based or other non-profit organization, the DWCDC will be responsible for qualifying the home owners, collecting all income verification and assigning a project number.

Step 8 - Participating companies will be notified by the DWCDC of the project number, project address and the organization that chose the project.

Step 9 – The rehab specialist is considered the Construction Foreman, and each agency must assign a lead person to each project.   The rehab specialist will be responsible for checking all deliveries of materials to make sure the order received at the project site matches the material order list and will sign the delivery order.

Step 10The rehab specialist will contact the property owner, visit the site and schedule a work date with the lead person from the adopting agency.

Step 11 The rehab specialist will be responsible for contacting the building supply companies to give them the project start date.

Step 12 - The building supply companies are responsible for the delivery of materials to the project site and providing a delivery bill of lading.

Step 13 - Non-Profit organizations must take “Before” photographs prior to beginning each project.  When the repairs are complete, please take “After” photographs and submit those to the DWCDC along with the estimated project volunteer hours.  These items will be used by the City of Dalton for HUD reporting purposes.

Step 14 - The non-profit or faith-based organization working through the rehab specialist is responsible for bringing the delivery documentation to the City of Dalton Finance Department.

Step 15 - The building supply companies are responsible for sending a bill to the City Finance Department for reimbursement.

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Housing Development

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